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Our Services

Battle Guide History Video Production (1)

Virtual Staff Rides

Through our team of academic military historians & tech experts we create and deliver cutting edge virtual staff rides for military units around the globe.

Live Talks and Virtual Battlefield Tours

We offer live virtual talks and battlefield tours, bespoke to your requirements, including interactive Q & A sessions.

History Video Production

We offer one stop history video productions. Through our team of academic & tech experts, we are the perfect partner for companies, museums & other organisations.

Private Battlefield Tours

Would you like to learn more about your family history and experience it in video form? Feel free to get in touch.

YouTube Collaborations

We always enjoy collaborating with brands and organisations who share our passion for delivering engaging and accurate history.

Battle Guide Drone Archive

Our professional team have amassed the largest archive of contemporary battlefield footage in existence, perfect for filmmakers looking for those unique breathtaking shots