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Associations, Organisations & Museums

We offer collaborative video production services for organisations, museums & associations.

We pride ourselves on creating accurate, engaging and immersive historical content. 

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Historical Services

End to End

History Video Production

From concept to completion, our 'end-to-end' video production process is fortified by our team of academic experts, who diligently conduct research and craft scripts that breathe life into history.

Guaranteeing an exceptional viewer experience.

Digital & Analogue

Live Talks & Virtual Tours

Our Talks and virtual Tours can include a virtual exploration across the world's battlefields.

With an eye on our partner organisation's needs, we deliver content that is a perfect match for your brand and objectives, with tours being supported by Live academic-led Q & A sessions.

History Video Production

On each virtual tour, we take you across and over some of the world's most spectacular battlefields, but from the comfort of your home. Using the latest technology, we offer a new layer of understanding to that which can be found 'on the ground'. With our wide network of world-leading historians, we can match the perfect person for each project.

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  • Historians & Video Production one-stop
    By combining history and production expertise, we can handle your projects much faster and independently, typically without requiring high input from you, yet still deliver a historically accurate and professional product.

  • Maps, Overlays, Animations & 3D Models

    Our videos always consist of a variety of components. Among other things, we use maps with motion, animations, and highlighting. A particular standout is often our overlays of historical aerial imagery and maps superimposed on satellite imagery.
    The use of 3D models is also possible, and our technical partners are happy to create them to enhance your project.

  • Drone & Historic Footage
    We are experts in researching appropriate historical footage including the use of modern drone videos. We have an extensive worldwide catalogue of drone footage and the ability to film on location ourselves. We also have a large network and voice actors to further bring your project to life.

  • Footage Optimization
    Through our expertise in photo and video recovery, we offer restoration of old footage. Using the latest AI technology in combination with the historical knowledge, we can bring old material back to life.

Feedback from Museums and Organisations

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Battle Guide Virtual Tours has given our audience a new way to reach the battlefields of the Great War. While the Museum and Memorial offers annual onsite battlefield tours, cost, distance and world events can make it difficult for some to physically walk the hallowed grounds of WWI. Virtual tours have helped our community to immerse themselves in the rich history and geography of places like the Argonne Forest and Chateau-Thierry.

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National WWI Museum and Memorial

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The Western Front Association - during the period of lockdown caused by the COVID 19 pandemic - was keen to turbo-charge the digital offering to its members who, obviously, were unable to visit the battlefield in person. The virtual tours that Battle Guide built for us perfectly fitted the bill for our members, who thoroughly enjoyed the dozen tours of WW1 battlefields that were created. These were a mix of the familiar and the less familiar, but came with the same high quality and wonderful 'story telling' by the guides.

Western Front Association

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We worked with Battle Guide Virtual Tours to provide a unique experience to our fans and supporters.

Flying over a battlefield and getting expert commentary was a great way to engage with history, and BGVTs service was invaluable for us.

Florian Witting (1)
Florian Witting

Managing Director, Real Time History

Virtual Tours

On a virtual tour, we take you across battlefields, just like in a classic battlefield tour, but from the comfort of your home.
Through modern technical tools we can understand the historical events on a completely different layer.
You will be guided by an academic expert in the respective field, which we can provide through our wide network.

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  • Cost effective & Digital
    We provide a cost-effective way for your community to visit historic places around the world, 
    anywhere, any time.
  • Bespoke & High Quality
    Our tours are 100% tailored to your needs in close consultation with you. In all our tours we focus on delivering high quality, engaging and immersive experiences.
  • Professional Historians
    Intensive and accurate historical research is essential! Our guides and tour managers are professional historians with many years of experience in cooperation with history organisations and museums.
  • Creative & Flexible
    Our tours can be delivered live to your audience, this means that attendees don't just watch, but can engage with our team in real-time, ask questions and be part of every tour.

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