The Capture of Vimy Ridge


Title  – The Capture of Vimy Ridge

Battlefield Guide – Jesse Alexander

Tour Manager – Dan Hill

Scheduled For –  Friday 9th April 2021

On a snowy Easter morning on April 9, 1917, the men of the Canadian Corps clambered out of their trenches and began the fabled attack on Vimy Ridge. The assault on the ridge was part of the Battle of Arras, designed to draw German attention away from the main French offensive further south. The Bavarian defenders of the Gruppe Vimy were outnumbered, outgunned, and had the steep face of the ridge behind them – but they also had the advantage of prepared defences. The Vimy position had allowed the Germans to dominate the surrounding area since 1914 and was honeycombed with trenches and dugouts. Over the course of four hard-fought days, the four Canadian divisions, fighting alongside one another for the first time in the war, captured the ridge at terrible cost on both sides. This impressive tactical achievement has become the most famous battle in Canadian history, and the massive memorial atop the ridge is the focal point of Canada’s Great War commemorations. For many Canadians, Vimy Ridge is a symbol of Canada’s wartime sacrifice and emerging national awareness. This virtual tour will explore the preserved battlefield on the ridge and immerse you in the drama of Easter 1917.

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Fri 9th Apr 19:30 UK (14:30 EST), Fri 9th Apr 22:30 UK (17:30 EST)