Operation Amherst


Battlefield Guide – Joel Stoppels

Tour Manager – Ben Mayne

Scheduled For – Sunday 2nd May

During the night of Saturday 7 to Sunday 8 April 1945 the last parachutist operation in The Netherlands started over the (eastern) province of Drenthe. The dropping of 702 French (SAS) paratroopers intended to support the further advances of the Second Canadian Army Corps to the city of Groningen. On Saturday the 7th of April around 21:00, 46 four engine bomber aircraft with two French battalions of the SAS-Brigade (“Régiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes”) took off from three secret military airfields in the south east of England. This started Operation Amherst in earnest. During their “largage” (dropping), the circumstances for the paras were unfavorable as had been foreseen. The following factors were to be blamed for that: the visibility, the jumping level and the radar operation. Because of the wind speed of 25 km/h the sticks of 15 men were spread over a larger area. The fighting developed quickly after the landings in the province of Drenthe and a part of south east Friesland. This virtual tour will explore the preserved battlefield in the province of Drenthe and will take you to the drop zones of the French (SAS) paratroopers to follow the intense fighting that ensued in the final weeks of the Second World War in Europe.

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Sun 2nd May 16:30 UK (11:30 EDT), Sun 2nd May 19:30 UK (14:30 EDT)