On Demand Tour: Siege of Badajoz Peninsular War – 1812


Title  – Siege of Badajoz Peninsular War – 1812

Battlefield Guide – Alexander Owen

Tour Manager – Gareth Edwards


In the Spring of 1812 Wellington’s Anglo-Portuguese army laid siege to the Spanish fortress city of Badajoz. Some 30,000 allied troops were to take on a garrison of 5,500 Frenchmen who were well led and standing behind some of the most formidable walls of the Napoleonic era. Over the course of a decade of conflict, both sides had perfected ways to hold and siege strongholds; making the maiming and killing of men an art form.

Engineering science and the evolution of artillery combined to create one of the most brutal, bloody and dramatic chapters of the Peninsula Wars. But after the walls were breached and the guns had stopped firing, the future of Wellington’s March into Spain would be settled by the bayonet.

This tour will follow those men, and their accounts, as they toiled below the bastions of Badajoz, living and working in sodden trenches for weeks before finally being thrown into the breaches.


Rated 4 out of 5
November 18, 2021

A solid tour overall, Alex Owen was a great presenter and I learned quite a bit about a battle in a war that I did not know much about beforehand. I thought there was a good integration of firsthand accounts and other media. One suggestion I would have to improve the tour is using more maps from the time period as opposed to Google Earth when describing things like the overarching campaign in the beginning, since without political boundaries it can be difficult to get a good idea of the bigger picture. Incorporating some simulated sounds of the battle here and there would be cool too.

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Braxton Dilworth

Response from Battle Guide Virtual Tours

Hi Braxton,
thank you for your feedback!
Such hints help us a lot to keep improving our tours in the future. As you may know BGVT is still very young and we are always happy to receive suggestions.
See you at the next tour!