Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a tour?

It’s pretty straight forward. You see a tour you would like to join, choose the time and click ‘add to basket’. Choose your payment method, make payment and we will send you confirmation. We then send your joining instructions and full access code 48-72 hours before your tour is due to commence. Then it’s simply a case of following the supplied link and entering your password.

What time does the Tour Start?

Each tour commences at exactly the stated time but our tour manager and guide are available 15 minutes before the stated time in your Virtual Tour room. Feel free to join before we get started, have a chat with our team and let us know why that subject is of interest to you. Please ensure you are logged in at least five minutes before we start.

Can I ask questions during the tour?

Absolutely. We really enjoy engaging with our audience. We can’t always answer immediately but we will be sure to do so at the end of the tour.

Can I purchase a tour for someone else as a gift?

Yes, just let us know in the ‘notes’ section of the booking page and we will let you know exactly how you can do it.

I have a relative that served in that location. Do you want to know?

Yes, please do let us know before the tour. We can’t always include information, but we will do our best to add in something a little special for you.

Can I share my access with other people, or on multiple devices at the same time

No. Your password is single-use and will only work on a single device. Please see our Terms and Conditions.


Will my internet connection be good enough?

The technology we use to deliver a Virtual Tour is similar to that used by services such as Youtube. So if you can normally watch a Youtube video, without it stuttering or stopping, at the same time of day as the tour is advertised for then you shouldn’t have any problems.

 How can I ensure the best quality connection for my tour?

In short, the less strain on your internet connection, the better the chance of a clear, high quality connection. Good general advice would be to close any unnecessary tabs (including those running in the background like Skype or Teams), and pause any large updates. Also check to make sure everyone else in the house isn’t streaming their favourite Netflix series on your same wifi at the same time!

Do I need a webcam and/or microphone?

No. Our guide and tour manager will be the only ones live on camera. You can engage with them using our Chat, Q & A or Polls functions throughout the tour.

Do I need headphones?

No, but we would recommend headphones as a great way to make the most of the experience.

What Internet Browser should I use?

Our tours will work on any browser. Again, a good test is to open Youtube and watch a video. If it works in your browser of choice without issues or stuttering, you are good to go!

Can I watch on a mobile phone or tablet?

You can, but be warned that you may find it harder to interact with the in-Tour chat. This is simply because the lack of screen space means we have to use a slightly different layout.

What do I do if the Tour looks pixelated?

It may be that your internet connection became unstable briefly, and our streaming technology lowered your quality to keep you connected. Simply refresh the page and your connection should improve.

What do I do if the Tour freezes or stops suddenly?

If there is a problem at our end, our Tour Manager will quickly tell you in chat, so that you know to sit tight while we restore the connection. If you do not see such a message, then it may be that you temporarily lost connection. Simply refresh the page to restore it.

 The Tour looks blurry when I make the browser window bigger. What should I do?

Our streaming technology tries to optimise the stream for you, based on your window size. If you make it bigger and it gets blurry, it might be that our streaming technology has yet to spot that for you and catch up. Simply refresh the page and that should fix it.

My Tour is ‘buffering’ as soon as I log-in. What do I do?

It is normal that you might experience a little buffering at first as our platform tests your internet speed in order to give you the best quality stream without interruption. This normally takes 60 seconds or so.

My Tour is ‘buffering’ too much and I can’t keep up. What can I do?

If you are really struggling with connection, do not worry, all or tours are recorded in HD and are available immediately after the tour finishes. We will make sure you get access to the video straight away.


I need to cancel my tour. Can I have a refund?

For scheduled tours you can cancel up to 72 hours before the departure time of the tour and receive a full refund. From 72-48 hours before a tour we can offer a 50% refund. Less than 48 hours before departure we are unfortunately unable to offer a refund, although of course you will still have access to the High Definition Virtual Tour video which you can view at a time of your choosing. For cancellation of bespoke/group tours you need to contact us at