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Military History from a new perspective

We are proud to work with leading organisations across the globe.

Historic Research, Script Creation, Voice-overs and Media Production for our partners
and our YouTube channel.

Our History Services

Digital Presentations, Video-Production,(Virtual) Battlefield Tours & More

Battle Guide combines the very best of modern technology with historical knowledge and passion from the world's leading military historians.

We offer services like, Media Production, Virtual Tours, Historic Research, Digital Presentations and Virtual Stuff Rides 

Our Documentaries on YouTube

Stunning History Videos from across the globe

We use drone images, historical footage, eyewitness accounts, satellite data, LIDAR, 3D animations and 360° images to provide a truly immersive way to explore the world's most iconic battlefields.

Our documentaries are free to watch on YouTube!

Our YouTube Playlist

Tales from the Battlefields WW1

Tales from the Battlefields WW2

Battle Guide Virtual Tours

Battle Guide YouTube Shorts

A few words from our friends

“Battles and battlefields are notoriously hard to conceptualize. What I love about these virtual tours is that they combine several design elements and approaches in a way that gives you a total sense of what was happening, what things looked like and what the challenges were.

It's wonderful. This is absolutely the sort of thing I can't resist”

Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin

„This is a wonderful resource that transforms how we visit battlefields and allows us to understand what really happened in a way that has never been shown before - and from our own homes too.

It is pioneeringly brilliant.“

James Holland
James Holland

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