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Stunning battlefield tours from across the globe, ranging from Waterloo to Stalingrad

Battle Guide Virtual Tours combines the very best of modern technology with historical knowledge and passion from the world's leading military historians.

We use drone images, historical footage, eyewitness accounts, satellite data, LIDAR, 3D animations and 360° images to provide a truly immersive way to explore the world's most iconic battlefields.

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In our collection you will find stunning battlefield tours from across the globe, ranging from Waterloo to Stalingrad, with new tours added each week. Watch our on-demand tours at any time, from anywhere in the world.

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Join our Live Tours in the company of our experts to virtually explore the most impressive battlefields in military history. Use our live chat to discuss and ask our experts your questions, so every battlefield tour is a fascinating and personalised experience.

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Voices from the Community

Just finished this virtual tour all I can say is it was fascinating the level of detail it goes into is brilliant!!! I know I won the free tour pass but if you're in to battle field history you won't be disappointed.... Fascinating!!!!

Derek Brabrook

Derek Brabrook

Well done, Gareth Davies @bermicourt! That was excellent. And well done, Ben Mayne @BattlefieldBen, for coping with the audio faff! If you haven't done any of these tours, get signed up. They're good!

Andy Johnson

These tours are fantastic!
Customer Battle Guide Virtual Tours

Tony Bryant

Great way to tour a battlefield. Presenters are first rate. The use of drone footage, google earth applications, photographs and eyewitness statements are first rate. If you are a military history buff, this is definitely for you
William Pat Schuber

William Pat Schuber

These are brilliant. I doubt I'll be able to afford to go on a tour in person but these are a fine replacement. And of course anyone with fitness issue can now go on a tour. Another reason to pay to be a member.

Jan Scott Battle Guide Virtual Tours

Jan Scott

How does Battle Guide Virtual Tours work?

A full access account provides you with access to all of our scheduled LIVE and ON DEMAND tours, including those already in our ON DEMAND archive. It does not include Special Events which are not part of our scheduled programme (such as tour in partnerships with other organisations).

We don’t have a set contract period, so you can cancel when you like. No fees or extra charges.

That’s simple too. Choose the tour you’d like to purchase and click ‘add to basket’. Choose your payment method, make payment and the tour will appear in your ‘my account’ area, ready to view immediately.

It’s pretty straight forward. You see a tour you would like to join and click ‘add to basket’. Choose your payment method, make payment, and the tour will appear in your ‘my account’ area. You simply return to your Live tour at the advertised time to watch.

Absolutely. We really enjoy engaging with our audience. We can’t always answer immediately but we will be sure to do so in the dedicated Q & A session at the end of the tour.

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