On Demand Tour: St Quentin – Breaking The Hindenburg Line – 1918


Title  – St Quentin – Breaking The Hindenburg Line – 1918

Battlefield Guide – Clive Harris

Tour Manager – James Taub


In Partnership with the National WW1 Museum and Memorial

As the sun set on 29 September 1918 the BEF’s Fourth Army had captured a significant portion of the Hindenburg Line at Bellicourt that included the intact prize of Riqueval Bridge, thus opening the road to Le Cateau. The day itself was historically important as the operation involved British, Australian & American units fighting side by side against a determined defender, with differing results. By taking a virtual stroll from the Australian 4th Division Memorial overlooking the Saint Quentin Canal through the objective and up onto the Montbrehain Ridge we pass memorials, cemeteries and sites of interest that let us compare and contrast the training, planning and performance of Divisions on the day through official accounts and anecdotal memories of those who were there.


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