Live Tour: Pozieres Ridge – The Somme – 1916


Scheduled For – Sunday 5th December 2021 19:30 UK (14:30 EDT)

Battlefield Guide – Jo Hook

Tour Manager – Joe Castle


So, why has Pozières become such an important part of the Australian memory of the First World War? This tour, the first of two covering the capture of the Pozières ridge, uses the latest technology alongside the testimony of veterans to bring this battle to life.

The village of Pozières sits astride the main road through the highest part of the Somme battlefield. In July 1916 it was a strongpoint just forward of the German second defensive line and was one of the first day objectives in the opening of the Battle of the Somme.

Notoriously, the first day of the battle, Z Day, was largely a failure. Amongst the failures on the northern side of the battlefield, neither Pozières nor the second German ‘OG’ lines were captured. On this sector, three weeks of grinding attacks had brought the British to the slopes just below the village and onto its southern flank. Pozières was now seen as the ‘key to the area’ and fresh troops were required to take it. Whilst British divisions would continue their attacks to the left and right of the village, the three Australian divisions of 1st Anzac Corps, in their debut attacks on the Western Front, would assault the village and capture its OG lines.

This virtual tour will show you the Australian, British and German story of the fighting for the Pozières ridge in late July and early August 1916. The subsequent fighting for Mouquet Farm will be followed in a later and just as fascinating tour.


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