Live Tour: Mametz Wood – The Somme – 1916

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Scheduled For – Sunday 30th January 2022 19:30 UK (14:30 EDT)

Battlefield Guide – Rory Stephens

Tour ManagerSteve Chambers


In 1914, soon to be Prime Minister Lloyd George had passionately appealed to Welshmen everywhere to fulfil his dream of a Welsh Army to fight in the Great War. Although his ambitions fell short of this ideal, it did lead to the raising of a Division of men from the Principality.

The 38th Division were beset with problems from the start. Ill trained, ill equipped and poorly led these men would be thrown into the furnace of the Battle of Somme. Their task, the capture of Mametz Wood; the largest on the Somme. After 5 days of brutal fighting and 4000 casualties, their efforts would, for the next 100 years be mired in controversy, folklore and legend.