Fromelles Diversionary Disaster


Battlefield Guide  – Jo Hook

Tour Manager – Shane Greer

Scheduled For – Sunday 19th September – 19:30 UK (14:30 EDT).

Fromelles is probably one of the lesser-known battlefields on the Western Front in the Great War. It sits overlooking ground that is as flat as the proverbial pancake. The only local high-ground, the Aubers Ridge was occupied by the enemy in considerable strength. So why decide to attack here? The answer will become clear in this virtual tour of the incredible Fromelles Battlefield.

For the Australians, new to the Western Front, the attack would cause more casualties in under 24 hours than any other battlefield in France and Flanders. For both the British and Australians who fought here, Fromelles was simply a disaster. The enemy who occupied the front had no less than 79 fortified bunkers along their defensive zone. The story of this battle is one of mis-management, poor communication and ineffective artillery fire, but also of courage, strength and human enruance. The remarkable actions at Fromelles also brings us right up to the modern day, when in 2001 it became known that hundreds of British and Australian ‘missing’ from the battle may be buried in the area in a mass grave. Due to the diligence of certain individuals, this eventually led to the unveiling of a new Commonwealth War Grave Cemetery known as ‘Pheasant Wood’ in 2010. This tour will use the latest in technology and veteran testimony to transport you to that remarkable battlefield and share the stories of those men who fought and fell over a century ago.

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