D-Day – Juno Beach


Battlefield Guide – Romain Breget

Tour Manager  – Ben Mayne

Scheduled For –  Sunday 28th March

On the morning of Tuesday 6th June 1944 as the daylight broke, the men of the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division were about to touchdown on to the Normandy coastline. The sands at Courseulles-sur-Mer and Bernieres-sur-Mer will now be forever known as ‘Juno Beach’. Many a mind of the young Canadian men drifted back to the failed landings on the beaches of Dieppe in August 1942, and the question, would this be the same? The answer was no, as the Canadians smashed through the Atlantic wall on the beaches and quickly began to advance towards the city of Caen. We follow in the footsteps of the 8th Infantry Brigade as the Queens Own Rifles of Canada, Le Regiment de la Chaudiere and the North Shore Regiment push inland liberating villages along the way. They ultimately would be held up short of Caen and Carpiquet, digging in for the night. On D-Day the Canadians made the largest advance of any of the allied unit before embarking on a battle of attrition over the following weeks as they fought ferociously against the 12th SS Hitler Jugend Division on the outskirts of Caen. Join us for this virtual tour as we explore the breaking of fortress Europe from the Canadian respective on that famous ‘longest day’.

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Sun 28th Mar 16:30 UK (11:30 EST), Sun 28th Mar 19:30 UK (14:30 EST)